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Get the advantage of a WPF swing blade sawmill.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Get the advantage of a WPF swing blade sawmill.


With Wood-Mizer now appointed as Peterson Portable Sawmills’ dealer in Africa, sawmillers have the assurance of 65 years of combined sawmilling experience from two leading brands to assist sawmillers with the best advice and support.


As part of the dealership agreement, Peterson’s 8” and 10” Winch Production Frame (WPF) swing blade sawmill models will also be co-branded as Wood-Mizer WPF Peterson.

As a result, sawmillers can rely on the support of two trusted brands with the added flexibility of matching the strength of a swing blade mill with Wood-Mizer’s thin kerf narrow bandsaw range that is known for its accuracy and recovery abilities for more profits.


Wood-Mizer’s dealership network in Africa is also available to support swing blade sawmill owners across the continent with after-sales service and support, technical advice, and repairs as well as spares and circular blades for all swing blade mill brands found in Africa.


Wood-Mizer’s WPF swing blade mills offer several features that make it more productive than competitor swing blade sawmills.  

The Wood-Mizer WPF swing blade sawmill - ideal for breaking down the large diameter hardwood tropical logs that are found in Africa into blocks or boards.

The WPF Advantage

The WPF system includes several features that combine to provide for productive sawmilling, cutting high quality, extremely accurate timber with portable or fixed-site milling.


These features include:


Box-type Frame Configuration

The box-type frame configuration that carries the saw-head is unique to Peterson-designed mills and lies at the heart of the productivity that the WPF range offers.

The box-type frame configuration that carries the saw-head lies at the heart of the productivity that the WPF range offers.


The box frame provides a very rigid sawing platform that does away with any chattering during the cut. The box frame design also allows for the Hi/Lo track option and the single point sizing capability that is unique to the Wood-Mizer WPF mill.


Hi/Lo Track

The patented Hi/Lo track option allows for easy log loading over the low rail with a loader or by simply rolling the logs under the high rail. The easy log loading process improves productivity.

The patented Hi/Lo track option allows easy log loading either over the top of the low rail or by rolling the logs under the high rail for increased productivity.

Competitor brands that use a flat frame configuration are limited in the log diameter sizes that can be rolled under the rail before a loader is needed to lift it over the rail. This reduces productivity.  


Single Point Sizing

Single point sizing lowers all four corners of the mill equally from one position. It reduces sizing inaccuracy to the minimum for more accurate boards to sell. An electric winch option can be added to the single point sizing system for more convenience.


Competitor brands with a flat frame configuration are forced to use a two-point sizing system to raise or lower the frame that carries the head. The two-point system is prone to sizing errors when different sizes are entered at the individual size-changing points. 


A double-length track system

On the Wood-Mizer WPF mill, any length tracks can be added for cutting longer lengths. 


Shorter logs of similar diameters can also be cut at the same time, or end-to-end to increase production with the new log moved into position while the second log is still being milled.


A double length of track on the WPF mills also allows the operator to continue milling at one end, while a new log is loaded at the other end. This increases productivity with less time spent waiting for the log to be loaded.


Increased convenience and safety

A simple positive pivot manual locking mechanism keeps the blade in the chosen height position while cutting. Competitor brands use gas struts to maintain the position of the blade, which are expensive to replace and maintain.

A positive pivot manual locking mechanism keeps the blade in the chosen position while cutting.

Machine components manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel do not rust.

Increased wear-ability

The Wood-Mizer WPF machine components are manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel that Are well suited to tough working conditions in Africa. Less corrosion and higher wearability of components translate into less maintenance and more savings over the long-term.



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