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Wood-Mizer and Peterson Portable Sawmills reach strategic agreement

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Wood-Mizer and Peterson Portable Sawmills reach strategic agreement

With Peterson joining forces with Wood-Mizer in Africa, sawmillers on the continent can now look forward to even more choice and better service.


The partnership between Wood-Mizer and Peterson will see both brands and the proven sawmilling solutions that they offer, combining to give wider choice, better service and support, and greater success to sawmillers in Africa.


The new dealership agreement will see Peterson’s 8” and 10” Winch Production Frame (WPF) models being co-branded as Wood-Mizer to underline both companies reach into Africa and the strength and reliability that each brand offers.


“Wood-Mizer is committed to providing the best-in-class equipment for sawmillers throughout the world,” John Smith, Wood-Mizer’s CEO said. 


Peterson CEO Kerris Browne said, “it was high time that bandsaws and swing blade saws partnered as complementary products, as each has unique benefits. Together they become the ultimate sawmiller’s package.


“I am delighted to work with Wood-Mizer. As two leading sawmilling brands from different segments, our combined reach will now give our customers in Africa the benefit of an outstanding partnership and access to a full range of sawmilling solutions.”  


Gavin Prowse, Regional Sales Director for Wood-Mizer Africa, said, “We are excited to introduce the WPF swing blade mill to sawmillers and to expand our offering to meet the diverse needs of the Africa market.

Circular swing blade mills are highly effective and robust sawmilling solutions for large diameter log markets.

Wood-Mizer’s experience, technical know-how and dealership network in Africa will ensure the improved availability of Peterson swing blade sawmills throughout Africa. The combined success of both companies will assist sawmillers to build profitable sawmilling businesses faster.


Peterson, the original designer and manufacturer of this technology introduced circular swing blade sawmills 30 years ago.


Since then, constant advances and innovation have ensured Peterson’s ongoing success in the sawmilling sector with its swing blade mills continuing to set the benchmark for this type of product in the Sawmilling industry.  


The strength of swing blade mills lie in large diameter log markets where its easy setup around a large log on the ground eliminates the need for additional onsite machinery to load, unload and turn heavy logs on the sawmill during cutting.


The heavy and robust primary breakdown work done by the Peterson range can finally be matched to Wood-Mizer’s sawmill and resaw ranges that are known for their cutting accuracy, high recovery, and excellent surface finishes.

The circular blade can cut vertically and horizontally to produce ready sawn boards or blocks directly from the log without turning the log.

Swing blade mills can be matched to Wood-Mizer’s thin kerf narrow bandsaw sawmill and resaw ranges known for their cutting accuracy, high recovery, and excellent surface finishes for higher-value timber.

The Wood-Mizer WPF sawmill is now available. Please contact your local Wood-Mizer Africa
 representative for more information and pricing.

Wood-Mizer WPF Swing Blade Sawmill Features


o   Exclusively available in Africa

o   1.5 m or 1.8 m maximum log diameter capacity

o   22HP, 25HP, 27HP, or 35HP petrol power options

o   6 m max log length capacity

o   203 mm or 254 mm sawmill blade


About Wood-Mizer and Peterson Portable Sawmills

Wood-Mizer is a world-leading wood processing equipment manufacturer. Known for its innovative sawmilling products, the company’s benchmark promise of quality and precision now also extends into diverse other segments of the wood processing equipment supply arena. Visit www.woodmizer.com for more information.


Peterson’s ground-breaking swing blade sawmill design revolutionized sawmilling 30 years ago. Since then, constant innovation and an expansive range have made the Peterson advantage the guideline for successful sawmilling globally. Visit www.petersonsawmills.com for more information.



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