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Wood-Mizer open days draw crowds in DRC

Monday, September 28, 2020

Wood-Mizer open days draw crowds in DRC

Wood-Mizer had two very successful open days in important sawmilling areas in the DRC to show its new swing blade sawmill to sawmillers.

The two open days took place in Kingabwa and Kinkole. Both areas are important business districts of Kinshasa.


Both are also important sawmilling areas where logs arrive on the Congo River from the north of the DRC.

The Wood-Mizer swing blade sawmill makes it easy to cut big logs into blocks and boards.

At Kingabwa larger logs are landed than in Kinkole. Sawmillers from there also sell blocks to sawmillers in Kinkole who use the blocks to cut boards.


The open day in Kingabwa showed sawmillers how large logs of up to 1.5 m thick can be cut into blocks and boards.

The open day in Kinkole at a successful construction company showed how the Wood-Mizer WPF swing blade mill can also cut boards. The company uses many boards for construction.

Sawmillers admire the cut quality that the Wood-Mizer swing blade sawmill produces.

Both open days made it clear to visitors and Wood-Mizer customers that with Wood-Mizer’s WPF swing blade sawmill customers they have a winner.

The Wood-Mizer swing blade sawmill is a very strong sawmill that is used to easily cut large logs into blocks or boards.

The sawmill is available in 8- and 10-inch blade model. The 8-inch model can cut logs up to 1,5 m thick and the 10-inch model up to 1,8 m thick.

A big benefit of swing blade sawmill is that it can be set up around a big log so sawmillers don’t need to move the log to cut it.

Wood-Mizer's WPF sawmill is also better than other swing blade mills like Lucas because it has a Hi/Lo track system.


The high rail makes it even easier to roll logs into position to start cutting again. Swing blade mills that don’t have high rail wastes a lot of time to roll and get the next log ready for cutting.

The High/Lo rail system of the Wood-Mizer WPF swing blade sawmill makes it very easy to roll the logs under the rail into position to start cutting again.

Sawmillers at the open day in Kingabwa also had the opportunity to see Wood-Mizer’s dealership in Kinshasa that is in Port Maman Ngula.

Because Wood-Mizer’s dealership is near to the important sawmilling areas in Kingabwa, customers can easily find spares, blades and technical advice.


Wood-Mizer’s dealership is managed by Julien Kakule, who also runs a very successful sawmilling company Jule Fils Cie in Port Maman. He uses many Wood-Mizer bandsaw sawmills to produce sawn timber for customers.


Sawmillers in Kingabwa and Kinkole now also have the benefit of an experienced sawmiller to advise them.

Fred Kapenda, Wood-Mizer DRC Branch Manager and Julien Kakule, Wood-Mizer’s dealer for Kinshasa and owner of Jule Fils Cie sawmill company.

Fred Kapenda, Wood-Mizer’s highly experienced Country Manager for the DRC that lives in Kinshasa, assisted Julien and his team at the open day.


Sawmillers can now also rely on Fred’s many years of experience when they need a new sawmill or have problems to find spares, blades or technical assistance.


Speaking at the open day, Fred told sawmillers, “that Wood-Mizer is happy to present sawmillers with a new type of Wood-Mizer sawmill that can assist them to cut the large logs in the DRC.


“Sawmillers can now easily cut big logs into blocks and then use Wood-Mizer bandsaw sawmills and resaws to cut very accurate boards that customers pay more money for.


“Now sawmillers can make even more profits with Wood-Mizer,” Fred Kapenda finished.



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