HR250 Horizontal Resaw

Twin Horizontal Band Resaw with Performance Package

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Designed to be a compact and versatile machine that easily integrates into your operation, the HR250 Super twin horizontal band resaw can make one or two cuts in a single pass to resaw cants and boards. Powered by two 20HP (15kW) saw wheel motors and two 2HP (.75kW) gear box motors, the HR250 Super is built to last with heavy-duty construction, premium components, and 28" (710mm) diameter dynamically balanced steel band wheels.

Equipped with a Performance Package, the digital setworks ensure accurate height positioning of the saw wheels and a rugged electric driven conveyor belt features a powered hold down roller to keep material secure through the machine. Blade speed is variable to accommodate various cutting requirements and the variable feed speed is controlled by an electric motor for added efficiency. The blade tension is automatic and controlled by an air-over-oil hydraulic system in order to maintain proper tensioning for longer blade life.

Standard Operation and Material Handling Features

Variable Feed Speed

Variable Feed Speed
Electric motor drives variable feed speed from 16 to 82 feet/min.

EG100 Manual blade adjustment

Two Saw Head Configuration
In a single pass, make one or two horizontal cuts to resaw cants and boards within a compact saw head.

EG100 Hold-down rollers

Easy Shipping and Setup
The frame and conveyor each ship on a single pallet and are setup in 2-4 hours.

Control Panel Setworks with Digital Position Controls

Control Panel Setworks with Digital Position Controls
Centralized control panel that features two digital position controls for added convenience when setting cut thickness and displays measurements in either imperial or metric.

Powerful Motor Drives

Powerful Motor Drives
Top and bottom saw wheels are driven by two individual 20HP motors for heavy cutting requirements.

Adjustable Blade Heights

Adjustable Blade Heights
Setworks ensure accurate height positioning of saw wheels with infinitely adjustable upper blade from .78" to 6 ¾" from conveyor table and lower blade from 0.197" to 4.33" from conveyor.

Automatic Blade Tension

Automatic Blade Tension
Hydraulic cylinder is applied for controlling the blade tension in order to maintain proper tensioning for longer blade life.


Power 18.5 kW Electric - 60Hz
15 kW Electric - 50 Hz
Length 176" (4.47m) 
Width 1.25" - 1.5" (32 - 38mm)
2" (50mm) - Option
Thickness 0.042" (1.07mm) 
Cutting Capacity
Cant Length (minimum) 19.7" (500mm)
Cant Width 1" - 11.8' (25 - 300mm)
Cant Height 0.5" - 9.8" (13 - 250mm)
Cut Width 1" - 11.8' (25 - 300mm)
Cut Height 0.2" - 4.7" (5 - 120mm)
Blade Wheel
Diameter 28" (712mm)
Type Steel, dynamically balanced
Feed System
Conveyor 11.25" (285mm)
Feed Rate (Variable)
16 - 82 ft/min (5 - 25 m/min)
Power 2HP (0.75kW)
Dimensions & Requirements
5' 8" (1.77m)
6' 7" (2.05m)
8' 9" (2.72m)
Shop Air Supply 80 - 125 psi @ 5cfm
Weight 3,085 lbs (1,400 kg)
Packing Dimensions Frame 86" x 45" x 83"
2.18m x 1.14m x 2.1m
Packing Dimensions Conveyor 113" x 25.25" x 24"
2.87m x .64m x .61m